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Quantum Of Solace Bond On Blu Ray From The 23rd March 2009

And last installment in the sophisticated adventures of His Majesty most famous spy is right for your DVD and Blu-ray from 23 March 2009. They may also be eliminated with the iconic Martinis and cheesy one-liners, but Bond last outing Quantum Of Solace still grab us by the overpriced popcorn to indulge in some good old action espionage. The 22nd Bond flick that followed directly by Casino Royale was a clash at the box office record for best Wednesday opening of all time in the United Kingdom. You can get your dose of Dench, Mr Craig and his usual Bond bevvy of beauties in an extended two disc special edition DVD that contains special features including behind the scenes featurettes, the crews of files, videos and music for Another Way to Die with Alicia Key and Jack White of White Stripes.
20.1.09 12:08

Beyonce Abandons Dog

A source from Columbia Records was reported as saying: Munchie Has Effectively Taken Up Residency Beyonce Left The Dog Here And Hasnt Returned To Pick Munchie Up. Beyonce has angered staff Columbia Record after abandoning his dog pet for the last 6 months! Knowles dumping dog munchie to register the trademark office in mid-2008 before going to work and promote his new album I Am Sasha Fierce Staff at the office were left to care for the dog and are furious that their offices have become a dog games.
20.1.09 12:08

Ashley Tisdale Breakfast With Mom

Keep first things first, it was noted Ashley Tisdale spending some quality time bonding with his mother Lisa over lunch yesterday (January 14). The Lord patys Tizzie headed to dinner to enjoy the delicious food and girl talk before the High School Musical babe made a quick exit to avoid the paparazzi..
20.1.09 12:08

Pollstar Country Star Kenny Chesney To Play Taco Bell Arena

Chesney was the fourth biggest-grossing tour in 2008 behindMadonna, Celine Dion and The Eagle.. Pollstar, which tracks concert routing calls for Kenny Chesney country singer will perform July 14 at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise. That would be a biggie.
20.1.09 12:08

Rihanna Leaks A New Track

Ree sings of his addiction to shopping and go to those chicks biting her swag. Lil Wayne is not, but only half cringed. You know, all that stuff seriously. The song is a seller, and promise to get stuck in your head. It joins with his not-so-bad boyfriend Chris Brown that doesn t sing the song. Instead, hes opting for a reverse Kanye raps and a quick verse. Rihanna is taking her bad girl reputation of a new level on a new track leaked called what Bad Girl.
20.1.09 12:08


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