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Rihanna Leaks A New Track

Ree sings of his addiction to shopping and go to those chicks biting her swag. Lil Wayne is not, but... weiterlesen
20.1.09 12:08

Pollstar Country Star Kenny Chesney To Play Taco Bell Arena

Chesney was the fourth biggest-grossing tour in 2008 behindMadonna, Celine Dion and The Eagle.. Poll... weiterlesen
20.1.09 12:08

Ashley Tisdale Breakfast With Mom

Keep first things first, it was noted Ashley Tisdale spending some quality time bonding with his mot... weiterlesen
20.1.09 12:08

Beyonce Abandons Dog

A source from Columbia Records was reported as saying: Munchie Has Effectively Taken Up Residency Be... weiterlesen
20.1.09 12:08

Quantum Of Solace Bond On Blu Ray From The 23rd March 2009

And last installment in the sophisticated adventures of His Majesty most famous spy is right for you... weiterlesen
20.1.09 12:08


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